Weekend in LA

I had hoped to bang out pages on both the flight down and the flight back, but we had a plane change in Portland that really jammed my flow.  The flight back was non-stop and I'm +600 words or so.  I'd like to get back to it in a bit, but I'm going to have to sync the draft over from the iPad and I'm going to hope that I don't have any issues...

In other news,  I had some great conversations with my friends who run a web publicity company and it make me re-think how much effort I'm going to have to put into marketing the books when they are ready.  There's no doubt that it's going to be a big job.  I'm glad I'm starting early, as I'm going to need a media list to start pestering both pre and post launch.

Possible marketing strategies include:
Art previews
Book "trailer"

I've all ready been following like madman on Twitter and have cleaned up my online presence there.  I have to remember to tweet more often about authoring and less often about software.  You can't just write a book, you also have to build a mini media empire!


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    So true! My recommendation is to check out novelpublicity.com. Their blog alone is worth its proverbial weight in gold for recommendations about generating online buzz for your novel.


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