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VyprVPN can't handle the truth.  They can't handle gigabit fiber speeds either.

Look - I think they actually have a pretty good product.  For the most part I can VPN at pretty good speeds.  But a 90% haircut on throughput at home is a little hard to swallow.   Even harder to swallow is the fact that they refuse to admit that they can't handle it.  All they do is offer apologies as if that will change the numbers I'm observing.

Not realistic.   I think my next step will be an AWS-based roll-your-own kind of service or maybe I'll just go back into research mode but right now I'm feeling really disappointed.  The technology is there to be secure from the home, but the providers aren't keeping up.

On VPN I can download from the BBC in London faster than I can access Savage Love.  Pretty sad really.


The good, the weird, and the ugly.

So a quick update on my tutorial for securing yourself from your own ISP.

Step 1 - My router arrived and is installed.  That actually went really smoothly.

Step 2 - ASUS have added the ability to connect a VPN client directly into their own ASUSWRT firmware.  Thus, I did not have to flash a custom firmware on to the router to get the VPN up and running.  (Although there were tricky settings to master - more to come on that.)
Step 3 - Using the VPN has a profound effect on the performance throughput.  (Testing with wired gigabit ethernet connection.)

For example - without VPN:

2 ms ping
942.94 Mbps download
942.73 Mbps upload

(It's OK to be jealous.)

With router-based VPN:
4ms ping
42.54 Mbps download
50.45 Mbps upload

So - I'm working with the good folks at GoldenFrog to see if we can improve this before I give up.  The connection speeds with the desktop client aren't that much different.
4 ms ping 116.36 Mbps Download 75.41 Mbps Upload
They say they don't throttle connection…