That first day...

When you start a new job, there's always a period of nervousness and confusion.  Where is the coffee machine?  Will it be good coffee?  Will I like my new co-workers?  Where am I going to sit?  Will I like my boss?

Well,  this morning I had none of those questions.  The coffee machine is brewing delicious Caffe' Vita.  The kitty is nuzzling my shin.  My desk has a Space Needle view.  However, the boss is an irascible but funny jerk with delusions of grandeur.  It's a good thing I don't have to talk with him if I don't want to.

Goal today: +2000 words.  (Stretch goal +3000)  I spent the weekend enjoying Hood Canal and getting my workspace ready so I only wrote about 160 words.  Current word count: 22078.

Update - I decided to rest for the day after 3057 words.  Total word count now 25135.  Fantastic day!


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