My Arsenal

Of course I'm writing on a Macbook Pro, that should go without saying.  However, I'm also using Dropbox to sync my iPad for on-the-go edits and writing.  My main text editor is Scrivener  and it is flat-out amazing.  Nearly every time I sit down to write I find another feature that I know will not be able to live without in the next session.  I don't know how much I should go into the technology I'm using for my process until I've actually published, but you never know what is going to be interesting to people.

Right now I'm working towards having a complete manuscript by May 1 and a self-published novel live on the Kindle sometime in June.  It's my own private NaNoWriMo, but I'm not following any of the rules.  Wrong month, I'm all ready well into the novel, and I'm going to publish it when I'm done.  Just to be clear,  I'm not trying to write a novel in a month.  I've been outlining and planning since last year and now I'm just executing on the plan.  Easy right?  We'll see.


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