No writing today

I'm sure I'll hit an extended session on the plane tomorrow.  I can't help it.  Something about the confined space, the humiliation of the TSA and the utter lack of control nearly forces me into the creative realm.  I know I'm just escaping into a world where I have complete control, and am therefore happiest while writing on a plane.

My solution for teeny-tiny seat space is to write on the iPad.  PlainText is my editor there and I use Dropbox in conjunction with Scrivener's sync functionality to keep the manuscript sorted.  I had a little problem with that on my last trip and have learned to keep only one copy of the Scrivener project file around.  Otherwise it gets too confusing and you might accidentally sync with an earlier version of the project.  (I did this.  It was bad.  I ultimately sorted it out but it took precious time.)

Backups provided by both TimeMachine and Dropbox.  Back up early, back up often.


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