Solitary Confinement

     I'm not doing that well with being a solitary writer.  I'm starting to think that the real reason writers need agents is because they need to give someone a percentage so that they will stay in contact and keep them connected with the world.  Plus, I was really used to working on teams.  I miss it.
     So - I spent this morning doing layout on the cover.  I was going to contract it out, but I was inspired by the positive feedback I've gotten so far from what I thought was going to be a temporary cover.  It seems more "pro" now after I've given it some attention.
     The book is off in the hands of a couple of alpha-readers, and I've made a few small edits.  I just don't know what to do with myself right now.  I can't decide if I should continue writing this week or concentrate on editing.  I almost feel like I should be doing something else entirely.  I'm in uncharted territory, really.
     I should establish some amazing post-novel ritual so that I want to do this again.


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