Starweaver's Retreat

My first novel, Starweaver's Retreat, is in the hands of my editor.  So, I made French Toast to celebrate.  Barring any significant re-writes, I will be releasing the ebook version on Amazon in about 4 weeks.  The physical copy will be available through CreateSpace and their distribution partners a couple weeks thereafter.    Now I need to get started on the second book.  I'm setting a deadline on that manuscript at the end of September.  That gives me forty-three days to finish the second book at around 1100 words a day.  Gulp.

In other news, I had to rebuild my Mac again.  It seems a little more stable this time, but I still don't trust it.  I did a clean install and treated it like it was a new machine.  I'm still concerned because I need to get backups back online.  I'm going to have to dump my project files on Dropbox just to make sure there aren't any catastrophic failures.  I was tempted to run out and but a Macbook Air this morning, but Erica helped talk me out of it by using my own criticisms of it against me.  There will most likely be 15" Macbook Pro / Air hybrid model coming soon and I'm going to hold out for that.  I'm still going to have to rebuild this thing one more time to get it how I want, and I think I'm going to ditch Bootcamp when I rebuild.


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