TIme to hit it again.

The morning is still shrouded in misty fog that is lingering far too long for summer. Fall is sending warning shots. Nonetheless I need to get writing on book two in the Starweaver Cycle. Scrivener tells me that I need ~2200 words a day to hit an October 1 deadline for the book, and that would be writing 6 days a week. I'm behind. I misjudged my refractory period after writing the first. It was more difficult to steel my resolve for the second than I imagined, because writing is a lonely endeavor.
The interesting fact is, I can meet that aggressive deadline as long as I focus and keep on socializing. 2200 words a day and I can do anything I want with the rest of the time. However, the blog doesn't strictly add to that total - so I'm off. I know that I'm going to get busy with marketing and final formatting when I get the first manuscript back from my editor, and if I don't use this time I will lose it.


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