Why did I write this book? A message to my readers

     Starweaver's Retreat exists because of a gap I saw in entertainment for young adult readers.  There are many fine fantasy books out there that feature female protagonists.  They have to tackle vampires, werewolves, evil wizards and the like.  I wanted to tell a story about a young woman who embraced science and logic as well as bravery to overcome the forces that opposed her.  It's not that I don't enjoy the more fantasy-tinged science fiction myself,  (I'm a huge fan of the Dragonlance series and Temeraire series.)  I just wanted to see books where the science was plausible, centrally featured in the story, and most importantly the fantastic events of the plot weren't based in magic.
     In the coming books, I hope to show a character arc for Thea that illustrates her awareness, her understanding, and ultimately her mastery of the technology of her world.  She will accomplish this through determination and intellect, and by making some really hard choices for a thirteen-year-old orphan.  Awesomely fantastic things will happen in her life, though.  I get the effect of magic because the society in her world has chosen to turn away from the knowledge of the technologies they have created, but no magic happens anywhere in the book.  Thea doesn't know why the society is the way it is, and neither do you as the reader, but I know - and boy is it interesting! (At least I hope so...)
    So, please let me know what you think of the book.  If you like it, I'd really appreciate a positive review on Amazon or B&N.   If you don't like it, please send me an email or post about your complaints here.  I want to make the next book as good as it can be.  I promise to listen. 

Jeffery Evans


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