-11 words on the day. The next novel is getting shorter!

But at least what I've written so far is up to my standards.  Editing can be a disappointing exercise.  Starweaver's Dawn is 100% outlined and the word count is standing around 4500 words so far.  I ordered the proof copy of Starweaver's Retreat from CreateSpace.com today - so I will officially be "in print" soon.
I watched the live video chat with Neal Stephenson today.  It's an interesting data point that I have not, as of yet, made enough money as an author to afford an ebook copy of his new novel.  Publicity, it seems, is quite expensive to gather at $.99 an impression.  I took some solace in the fact that only 300 or so people connected to the chat room.  Selling books can be rough for even the superstars.


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