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Fascinating Feeling

I test-loaded the first act of my novel onto the Kindle just to get a sense of what it will be like when I'm done.  Then, I saw my name in the list of authors and my working title in the list of other literature on there.  I am forever changed.

Another lunchtime session

I managed to squeeze in another 578 words at lunch.  I wanted to keep going, but now I'm in a meeting.  :-(

Lunchtime session

+509 words, but more importantly resisted the urge to play WoW with a friend.  Saving throw vs. Death Magic made! I was feeling guilty about missing two days in a row, but you know? Life happens.  Last night I went to the hospital to meet my brand new niece, so no writing.  I'm still going to finish this trilogy before she knows how to read.  I'm just going to keep looking forward and enjoying the writing I am able to accomplish.

Weekend in LA

I had hoped to bang out pages on both the flight down and the flight back, but we had a plane change in Portland that really jammed my flow.  The flight back was non-stop and I'm +600 words or so.  I'd like to get back to it in a bit, but I'm going to have to sync the draft over from the iPad and I'm going to hope that I don't have any issues... In other news,  I had some great conversations with my friends who run a web publicity company and it make me re-think how much effort I'm going to have to put into marketing the books when they are ready.  There's no doubt that it's going to be a big job.  I'm glad I'm starting early, as I'm going to need a media list to start pestering both pre and post launch. Possible marketing strategies include: Excerpts Art previews Book "trailer" Interviews ??? I've all ready been following like madman on Twitter and have cleaned up my online presence there.  I have to remember to twee