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Look, I know I'm easy to irritate...

So,  I traded in an iPad today.  It was an original vintage 64GB version that I took on my honeymoon.   It was a great piece of hardware that had reached the end of its useful life to me.  I mean, sure - I could have saved it for my 5 month old son to "enjoy" in a year-and-a-half when he is allowed to have "screen time".  (Incidentally, that is a bitch, because I love screen time.  I live for screen time.  Now I just let him drool on me instead.) So - Target has this great deal where I can trade in the old hardware for a $200 credit.  Fantastic idea. I would have bought something else from them right then and there had they had anything I was interested in purchasing.  (Seriously.  They were down to 2 iPad 2's and dust bunnies.)  SO, I took the gift card and walked out happy.   Then I learned that there's a way to turn that $200 exchange card into a $200 Amex.  I thought.  "OK.  I'll do it.  Then I'll take my Amex and run over to Google f

What have you got in you today?

As my readers have noticed, my writing output can be highly variable.  Some days I'm +3000 words, some days, there's nothing in there.  There's a complex equation that involves mindfulness divided by lack of sleep, times angst, and stress, plus or minus my commitment level and self-esteem status.  I haven't outgrown my princess stage.  I would love to sit down and be productive each and every time, but that is not my reality.  As such, I need to be realistic about my timing for Starweaver's Dawn.  I was homing to complete the manuscript by the end of August, but that is not going to be realistic.  I'm  adjusting the deadline to something I hope will be achievable with my current life and work commitments.  I am going to commit to writing every day though.  So, there is hope.  September.

Starweaver's Dawn is nearing completion.

I've given myself until the end of August to complete the manuscript for Starweaver's Dawn.  I knocked out 1700+ words this morning and I'm going to try and match that this evening.  So, don't give up hope!