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Look, I know I'm easy to irritate...

So,  I traded in an iPad today.  It was an original vintage 64GB version that I took on my honeymoon.   It was a great piece of hardware that had reached the end of its useful life to me.  I mean, sure - I could have saved it for my 5 month old son to "enjoy" in a year-and-a-half when he is allowed to have "screen time".  (Incidentally, that is a bitch, because I love screen time.  I live for screen time.  Now I just let him drool on me instead.) So - Target has this great deal where I can trade in the old hardware for a $200 credit.  Fantastic idea. I would have bought something else from them right then and there had they had anything I was interested in purchasing.  (Seriously.  They were down to 2 iPad 2's and dust bunnies.)  SO, I took the gift card and walked out happy.   Then I learned that there's a way to turn that $200 exchange card into a $200 Amex.  I thought.  "OK.  I'll do it.  Then I'll take my Amex and run over to Google f