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At least a black swan can get me going.

No one likes a know-it-all.  I know, because I’ve been one all my life.  I’ve been ostracized, bullied, harassed, taunted, excluded and even beaten up by people in the course my life.  I learned early on to hide myself because even average people will seek to destroy things they can’t understand.  Lack of understanding leading to fear.  Correctly predicting the future scares people.   When Michael Moore predicted a loss for Hillary Clinton in this year’s election - many vilified him.  I agreed with him and said little.  He’s written and spoken about his observations at length, but the nutshell version is that the people in rural America are stuck.  There are diminishing economic opportunities in those regions, and they have no idea why.  My experience is that they will accept any explanation that doesn’t involve their own culpability.  My insulated liberal friends did not want to hear what I was saying.  I crave social acceptance and let it go.  It never feels good to be right whe