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The White Ex-Pat

Since the natural inclination of any rational person is to engage in a tad bit of escapism when confronted by a truly terrible situation (And lest I fail to be perfectly clear, I checked with my therapist, a minor fugue state is an appropriate response to the Trump administration.) - I've invented a new drink. I call it the White Ex-Pat. Ingredients: 3 oz. fresh white organic 2% milk from a local dairy . 1 oz. authentic Canadian maple syrup. ( from Costco  if you are just dreaming of being an ex-pat). UP TO 3 oz. of AMERICAN (dammit!) craft vodka.  I suggest Titos . Shake vigorusly over ice and serve up in a crystal martini glass to reinforce your liberal elitism. Guaranteed to make you dream of living in a rational country with an attractive popular leader and fulfills my arbitrary rules about not combining caffeine and alcohol.   Dedicated to Larry Gifford .