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My website is live. is up.  There are buy links there to all of the versions of the novel.  Soon I will have store and I have something very special planned for those who choose to buy books directly from me. Also, I've got updates for you on my progress with  Starweaver's Dawn coming soon .  

Why I lovehate Glee.

Dirty confession time.  I was in show choir, in Ohio.   I competed.  I didn't grow up in Lima, but I remember seeing the choirs from the tundra bound towns and the shocking level of professionality they tended to display.  In particular, I remember an invitational at Coshocton and being floored that the choir there had a stage that they didn't have to share with the basketball team, cheerleading squad and the gym class.  We couldn't even field a band to back us up, because the first-chair trumpet player was on the football team and was auditioning against me for solos.  My school was too damn small and backward. So, when I see these generally morally reprehensible characters on Glee busting out Broadway level Billy Joel tunes between product placements while pretending to be high school students I'm struck with the most chest exploding sense of irony.  Look, most show choirs suck.  It's a lot of marginally talented and poorly rehearsed kids doing poorly chosen num