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Undisclosed location

I'm insane. I should be out playing in the sun. Instead, I'm working on Starweaver's Dawn !

Designed to fail

If your website can't tolerate blocked tracking cookies, it is broken. It also means that someone in your web engineering team probably lost an argument with someone on the marketing team.  That person on the marketing team, and their nearest adjacent vice-president, should be fired.

Hey! I'm still writing.

I don't know where I've been for a month or so.  Existential limbo is the most accurate approximation of the intellectual location.  Whatever.  The creative doldrums have passed and I'm storming into Starweaver's Dawn with meteoric vigor.  I'm committing to a digital release date sometime in September - but I'll do better if I can.  (Particularly if I can stay away from Diablo III...) Thank you for reading! -Jeff

I'm going to start publishing the word count for Starweaver's Dawn.

So - without further ado: 12121.  It's been challenging for me to balance my "day job" with writing. Whine, whine.  I know every author has those issues. Thank you to everyone who has purchased Starweaver's Retreat.   I am working hard on the sequel and I really appreciate all of the positive reviews on  I promise I will be taking the advice given there to heart.

Starweaver's Retreat is FREE today on the Kindle store.

Starweaver's Retreat is free today in the  Kindle store ! A quick progress update on the second novel, Starweaver's Dawn.   I made a lot of progress last week.  My goal is to have a draft to my editors by the end of April, but that may be a little bit aggressive.  I've been averaging about 800 words per session at about 3 sessions a week.  I'm going to have to double that to make the goal.


Starweaver's Retreat is currently #15 in the free section of Amazon Bestsellers Best Science Fiction category.  There has been an amazing response to my free promotion and I appreciate every download.  Thank you!  I hope you'll enjoy the novel, and I would appreciate any encouragement toward finishing the sequels.  As you may have guessed, I'm not writing full-time right now and my "day job" does require a lot of effort.  Nevertheless, Starweaver's Dawn is progressing, and there are all ready some fantastic things happening in there.    -Jeff

Jerry Springer makes for great background noise for writing.

It's a cacophony of redneck-ness.  So easily ignored and a clear reminder of why reading and writing is so very important.    Starweaver's Dawn stands at 7500 words.  Lets see how far I can get today.

This concept is interesting.

Scientists create self-healing electronics.,news-13686.html This is concept that all ready made it into book two.  :)