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Our Republican government just decided that you are a product to be sold by your internet service provider to the highest bidder.

 What are you going to do about it?  Fortunately, I saw this coming a while ago and have a plan that I'm happy to share.  This is what I think will work for my family and I hope you can take some of the lessons and apply them in your digital life.  Step 1 - You need your own VPN service.  You may be familiar with VPN as "the thing you use to connect to the office", but VPN technology has many other uses and now the most important one is to protect you from illicit observation.  You should find a VPN service that will work with all your digital devices, and fits in your budget.  There is simply no excuse to not use VPN nearly all of the time.  I chose VyprVPN  from GoldenFrog because I'm a spoiled neckbeard who wants and can afford the fastest and most versatile service.  There are many lower cost options available.   Find one that will work for you and do it today. I will be using VPN software on my phone, tablet, and laptop all the time - everywhere I go .