Our Republican government just decided that you are a product to be sold by your internet service provider to the highest bidder.

 What are you going to do about it?  Fortunately, I saw this coming a while ago and have a plan that I'm happy to share.  This is what I think will work for my family and I hope you can take some of the lessons and apply them in your digital life. 

Step 1 - You need your own VPN service. 

You may be familiar with VPN as "the thing you use to connect to the office", but VPN technology has many other uses and now the most important one is to protect you from illicit observation.  You should find a VPN service that will work with all your digital devices, and fits in your budget.  There is simply no excuse to not use VPN nearly all of the time.  I chose VyprVPN from GoldenFrog because I'm a spoiled neckbeard who wants and can afford the fastest and most versatile service.  There are many lower cost options available.  Find one that will work for you and do it today.

I will be using VPN software on my phone, tablet, and laptop all the time - everywhere I go.  Even when not on wifi.  

Step 2 - Secure your home ISP connection. 

This is currently a lot more challenging.  While individual devices can be secured by using VPN clients, what do I do for my game consoles, home media, and IoT devices?  Can they use VPN?  Well some can - but most expressly don't protect your data, or sometimes wantonly spy on you themselves. 

My plan is to structure my home network so that I can encrypt and control all the data that flows in and out.  For that you need some networking technology you can trust. 

Option 1   - The Neckbeardiest

If you have an old PC around with a couple of network cards, you can build an advanced linux-based router that will allow you to maintain always-on VPN.  There's a good list here. I decided for a whole host (he he) of reasons that I don't want to set up and maintain yet another computer just for the VPN options  - so I'm going with...

Option 2 - Junior league neckbeardy

I've ordered a Shibby Tomato compatible wireless router.  The Apple AirPort Extreme we have has real trouble covering all of our house so I've decided to add in an Asus RT-AC3200 and retire the venerable Airport Extreme "N" that I'm using to cover the rest of the house.  When I receive the unit I plan to flash the open-source Tomato operating system on the router, configure my sexy vpn service, and viola!  Suddenly it will be impossible for my ISP to use me as a convenient revenue source.  

Option 3 - Ostrich?  

Maybe you're not worried that your ISP knows what porn you prefer, or that you're a closet Brony.  That's fine.  Have you considered that it may be a national security issue?  If the NSA wants to do it, you can be damn sure that other nation states will use every method they have to influence our elections. Now, it will be faster and easier because they can just buy your browsing habits directly from your ISP. 

Well - no.  You just can't do that.  I'll post a detailed tutorial and some other tips as soon as I get my shiny new hardware.

Option 4 - Throw money at it?

These guys will send you a pre-flashed router.

Here is a list of links for those who want to play along at home:

Shibby Tomato or DD-WRT

VyprVPN for Tomato or DD-WRT


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