VyprVPN can't handle the truth.  They can't handle gigabit fiber speeds either.

Look - I think they actually have a pretty good product.  For the most part I can VPN at pretty good speeds.  But a 90% haircut on throughput at home is a little hard to swallow.   Even harder to swallow is the fact that they refuse to admit that they can't handle it.  All they do is offer apologies as if that will change the numbers I'm observing.

Not realistic.   I think my next step will be an AWS-based roll-your-own kind of service or maybe I'll just go back into research mode but right now I'm feeling really disappointed.  The technology is there to be secure from the home, but the providers aren't keeping up.

On VPN I can download from the BBC in London faster than I can access Savage Love.  Pretty sad really.



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